• Dance Movement: Involving more then one style for both boys and girls focusing on the fundamentals of movement and dance. Incorporating musical instruments, props and games this class is jammed packed with fun and laughter.
  • Ballet: Incorporating the basics of ballet into a fun and high energy class, ballet promotes body placement, posture awareness and emotion while preparing the child for all styles of dance.

Our Monday morning Pre-Kindy classes are 30 minutes offered to little ones not yet attending school. Throughout the program we focus on developing the child’s dance technique through the elements of strength, flexibility & co-ordination. When a child gets involved in dancing & singing it stimulates the whole brain and releases endorphins resulting in a happy mood. Other activities included in our programs are: speech and language development, improvisation and creative movement.

Don’t worry if you think your little one is shy or may not join in, we have lots of experience in working and encouraging little ones and ensuring they feel comfortable in their environment. Eventually to stage were they will stand by the door say goodbye and join in the fun.


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